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Dr Jozsef Papp

ATTUNE Skincare Vienna – Meet the founder, Dr. DI Jozsef Papp

My professional journey – studies in chemistry, completing a Ph.D. degree in pharmacy and spending more than 15 years developing natural skin and haircare products for market-leader brands – destined me to develop my skincare brand. My extensive experience, research in ingredients and their effect on the skin helped me build a highly-effective skincare brand.

In my experience, the key to healthy and more resilient skin is using products that support skin-renewal processes, protect the skin barrier and restore deficiencies of hydration, minerals, antioxidants.

I believe that you do not need lots of skincare products. You need products that actually get the job done with a streamlined skincare routine. This capsule skincare collection can save you from the stress of ‘problem skin’ and re-establish healthy, radiant skin.