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I love this Eye Balm. It is light, easily absorbed, cooling and soothing. Instantly rehydrates the eye area and a good base for makeup application.

Den Duft kann ich als sehr energetisierend gleichzeitig als Wohlfühlduft beschreiben. Fast so, als käme man frisch aus einer revitalisierenden Aromatherapiebehandlung. Der Moisturizer zieht schnell ein und meine Haut fühlt sich optimal versorgt an. Make-up kann ich sehr gut darüber auftragen. Ich bin 30 Jahre und habe normale bis leicht trockene Haut zudem neige ich jetzt im Winter eher zu Trockenheit.

The scent of the products is designed to give an uplifting feeling and this is thanks mainly to a rush of bergamot and, just in the background, a touch of orange. The main difference for me though was that it also includes the aroma of basil, which gives a green aromatic quality to the scent. As the product settles you also start to get a whisper of vetiver coming through but it’s kept crisp thanks to a touch of juniper. The products feel fantastic on the skin.

Have become very excited about the products after trying their Face Wash and Moisturizer. The products are packed with antioxidants, super-moisturizing and contain lots of skin-improving ingredients.

The product smells really fresh due to the lemongrass, I like the natural, citrus fragrance. (about ATTUNE After Shave & Hydrating Gel)
It made my skin feel soft and nourished for hours, not dry at all, not greasy. (About ATTUNE Moisturizer)